Culinary Team Building


The GourMand Games

Leave the boardroom behind and step into our kitchen. Mise offers a quintessentially Napa experience with our food and wine pairing challenge. This half day of team building is a perfect lunch or dinner training session that makes your team think on their feet, react to challenging situations, develop management skills, and most importantly have fun! 

Your session begins with an hour long lecture and demo. We will discuss the important steps and theory for pairing food and wine. As we guide your group through a wine tasting, we will teach how to identify the flavors, texture, and structure of the wine. All of these elements are pivotal when deciding how to create the perfect pairing. We will then discuss the elements of building a delicious appetizer and demonstrate basic knife skills and culinary techniques.

Your group will then divide into teams of four and be given a list of all the ingredients they have to work with to build their appetizer- of course it’s never that easy. Each team will take turns choosing ingredients from the cornucopia, but only have 15 seconds to make their decision. The teams will have to learn to communicate efficiently and adapt their plan as their preferred ingredients are potentially snatched up by other teams. 

After an exciting and challenging 30 minutes of cooking, with a few curve balls we throw their way, each team will have to present their dish and wine pairing to the entire group. While the judges deliberate, the group is served a farm fresh buffet prepared by Mise. The session concludes with an award ceremony where one team will win fabulous prizes and of course the ultimate bragging rights. 


The Details

Duration: 3½ - 4 hours

Location: We are mobile! The session can be hosted anywhere such as a hotel ballroom, corporate event space, or winery. We have a few preferred venues, but can work with you to find a great fit. 

Each participant receives their own chef hat and monogramed Mise apron to take home. Wine is not included and typically purchased from the venue. We can assist with selecting appropriate wines.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions at or (707) 754-7558.